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A Beneficial Weekend

This weekend, the Room will be inviting more people inside to fill the empty spots on the sofa. This time around, there's a catch. Accepting the invitation does not mean you are giving us money to hang out, it means that you are giving your money to someone who needs it in order to stay healthy and beat the illness that has been crippling them for so long.

Friday, we will be at the Paramount playing a benefit concert. Buildings Like Mountains and Normal Reaction will be joining us.

I was extremely humbled when the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas approached us seeking musicians to perform at their festival this Saturday. Having your legal rights violated in the past conjures up demons that these people have to face every single day. If the Room can help and support these resilient people even in the slightest bit by doing what we do best, then we will eagerly raise our instruments.

Saturday, we will be at Oakdale Park, on the Eric Stein Stage to support crime victims' rights, strength, resilience and justice. Normal Reaction and the Zoe Rea and Queton Todd Duet will be joining us.

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