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The Future of Room 347

After tirelessly educating ourselves and some rough introspection, we now set an action plan into motion that will reform the way the Room operates. In order to achieve a more organized method of getting the Room to be what we want it to be, we brought this conversation to the very root of what Room 347 is, the intentions and purpose behind the music.

The core of Room 347 is our unanimous and indisputable love for authentic music; music that grabs you and challenges the way you think; music that extracts grueling emotions from a logical mind; music that shakes every bone of your being and moves you to catharsis. This unshakable devotion to the art is the rug that pulls the whole room together. Without it, it is merely another room without taste or emotion.

When someone picks up our CD or clicks play on Spotify, we're inviting them to connect with the music on an intellectual and emotional level. We're inviting them into a space where ideas and emotions run rampant without judgement. We're inviting them into the Room.

These core principles make Room 347 what it is. The Room now has a purpose to fulfill and this is how we are going to do it this summer:

  • Release full length album (currently in post-production)

  • Release music videos for said album

  • Perform all across venues within reach (possibly a tour?)​

  • Provide consistent content through social media

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