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Polishing Up at the Rusty Needle in Hutchinson

Concerts for the Cause is running a great event this weekend at the Rusty Needle in Hutch. The concert is a fundraiser that will provide the means to get elementary school students the utensils and supplies they need to learn their way through this school year. I am honored to be part of a cause that I can relate to all too well. Growing up in a household that had financial struggles, there were several times I ended up reusing my three-year-old folder and had to ask a friend for a writing utensil. It's a minor social offense, but no one like to be the person that is always asking to borrow something.

The event will take place on Sunday, August 21, at 1:00 PM. To gain entry to show, you must provide either $5.00 or a school supply + $3.00. The location is The Rusty Needle Sports Bar and Lounge (1808 N Plum St, Hutchinson, KS).

Bands playing:

Room 347 (4:00PM)

Naked Fingers (3:00PM)

J-Wheelz (2:00PM)

TBA (1:00PM)

Click here for the Facebook event page.

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